Training activities

Classroom based training

Senscia has provided training in many countries on the fundamental components of risk management, often for a globally recognised risk management professional certification institution.

We can tailor basic, or more sophisticated risk management courses, to train your Risk Team, your embedded Risk Champions, or even your Audit Department. Such trainings can take into account your specific framework and practices to ensure maximum relevance. Any case studies will be designed around your particular industry segment or national context so that issues are relevant and inspiring.

We write courses on specific risk management topics, which we can deliver to training provider companies, or to in-house company training schemes. Call us to see what we can do for you.

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Executive mentoring

“We have the skill to help executives grapple with important risk concepts”

Risk management programmes are designed to deliver risk reports into the hands of decision-makers. Yet not all executives are well prepared to make sense of the reports they are given. Perhaps they do not understand the risk assessment methodologies, maybe the risk models have hidden assumptions, or just that the danger of cognitive biases render many reports unreliable.

We have the skill to help executives grapple with important risk concepts, to fit them in to their organisation’s way of working and to achieve more consistent, value bearing results from their risk management programme.


Risk Awareness

It is typical to say that risk management is every person’s responsibility. But what exactly is the nature of that responsibility? What should be done, when should it be done, how should it be done and why is it even necessary?

“We believe that great communication is a vital component of managing risk”

Many good risk management programmes fail to become standard practice or absorbed into the organisational culture, because they are simply not understood or only implemented by enough people. Take up is too low and critical mass is not achieved. It can be that prevailing negative perceptions about risk management are not taken into account: staff members can think it is backwards-looking, irrelevant, or the obsession of those who don’t already have enough ‘proper’ work to do.

It is not often that a CRO has the required communication skills in-house, to deal with these perceptions and to enrol employees to support the enterprise risk programme – in a way that captures their attention and shows them how their skills and effort can make an important difference. In Senscia, we believe that great communication is a vital component of managing risk – the more people who support your activity, the better the quality of the end result.

We have long experience in analysing communication needs and delivering superbly crafted messages for high impact! We have in-house video studio facilities where we can combine stimulating stories with leading edge digital media productions, to get your message across.

  • Writing risk awareness scripts
  • Creating video and e-Learning content
  • Recording and integrating personalised executive messages
  • Integrating employee interviews/ opinions to establish relevance