Risk Practice

Managing Organisational Risk

Not all risk management is equal. Many organisations have put complex risk management techniques in place and still suffered spectacular losses.

The recent trend by regulators is to place ever-greater emphasis on risk governance and compliance, yet the danger is that it delivers false assurance, makes organisations complacent about failure and it suppresses dynamism.

[Video container – good risk management does not create policies but it empowers appropriate risk-taking]

“We do not believe that risk management is a means to resist change”

We have long experience of managing risks. In many different industries using several different approaches. We know both the science – and the art – of managing risks. That’s why we think we can help you to get better results from your risk management efforts.

We do not believe that risk management is a means to resist change, to say no. We think it is about helping organisations prepare to say “Yes!” but to do so in a responsible way, fully aware of all the things that need to be done to ensure success and avoid failure.

We have five distinct risk management areas of offering: