Legislative Drafting activities

Legislative drafting and revision

Some jurisdictions lack the capacity, experience or expertise to undertake legislative drafting themselves and this is at the heart of Senscia’s legislation offering. Sometimes they get stuck part way through a drafting process and don’t know how to finish a project. Sometimes they just need a fresh pair of eyes to spot new solutions to vexing problems.

“What is the problem we are trying to fix?”

With over 11 years of legislative drafting experience, we will use international best practice drafting principles to produce bespoke legislation to meet your exact policy needs, to the standards you required, ready for introduction into your legislature. We will analyse your policy using cutting edge techniques, ask the right questions, consult the right people and produce high quality, error-free legislation in your style and format using your templates. Even if you don’t have a template, we will study the style and format of your existing laws so that your new law will integrate seamlessly into your statute book.

At the heart of our drafting work will be your answer to the following question: “What is the problem we are trying to fix?”.

High quality legislation should be near perfect on its introduction into Parliament. We have the skills, processes and dedication to achieve the highest possible standards of attention to detail. We can offer these services to help you get the high quality legislation you need for your jurisdiction.