Legal Drafting Training activities

Process improvement – a key component of legal drafting training

The policy development and legislative drafting process can involve a bewildering maze of complex procedures and technical requirements. Sometimes it seems like it’s all about the paperwork. Our passion is finding and communicating about better ways to develop high quality public policy, including legislative drafting. We are able to train and mentor a legal drafting team, so you may enjoy the flexible benefits of “in-house” legal drafting skills. This includes looking at the systems and processes used for developing legislation, things like the legislative prioritisation system, policy approval processes, editorial procedures and in-house style manuals. There are always ways that processes and systems can be made more efficient, productive and streamlined. ‬‬‬‬‬

Most legislative drafting projects fail to deliver the expected results because an enthusiastic lawyer is roped in to have a go at drafting, not realising that it is a highly specialised skill in itself and requires a process to shape inputs and outputs from the drafter.


Classroom based training

We have experience writing and conducting training to civil servants. We have worked with so many civil servants who find legislative drafting and policy development processes “boring”, “hard” and “scary”. We know civil servants who have disliked this experience so much so that they never want to go through such a process ever again.

We can tailor courses to train your team on policy development and drafting, taking into account the specific processes that apply in your jurisdiction. Such trainings can take into account your specific framework and practices to ensure maximum relevance.

Most importantly we can develop and deliver training materials that makes sense of every aspect of the drafting process using interesting, innovative and engaging techniques.



Yet not all civil servants are well equipped to participate in the process. Perhaps they do not understand the analytical process, maybe the legal landscape is not well understood, or just that a lack of experience .

We have the skill to help everybody involved in the process grapple with the policy development and drafting process, to fit them in to your jurisdiction’s way of working and to achieve more consistent, high quality laws results from your policy development projects.



There are so many people involved in the drafting process. And sometimes there are many people who need to acquire knowledge about that process at the same time, for example, in a post conflict or developing country where capacity building, and doing so quickly, is a key priority. Legal drafting training has to build expertise rapidly and reliably (testing and proving of skills is an essential component of the learning process).

Organisations in this space don’t always have the required communication skills on hand, to deal with these issues – in a way that captures their attention and shows them how their skills and effort can make an important difference. In Senscia, we believe that great communication is a vital component of quality policy development – the more people who understand and support the process, the better the quality of the end result. And of course, that result should be measured and monitored, to give assurance and validation of skills acquisition.

We have experience in analysing communication needs and delivering superbly crafted messages for high impact! We have in-house video studio facilities where we can combine stimulating stories with leading edge digital media productions, to provide cost-effective learning solutions. We can take the same equipment on the road, to create material featuring your own staff and locations, adding a dimension of reality to the message.

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