Communication skills: Presenting with impact

Everybody at some stage has been confronted with a person who has given out a poor message, whether that was in a TV interview, making a presentation to a large audience, or explaining something to a small group, and their words have been completely forgettable and demotivating. Perhaps you felt embarassed for them or hoped that you would never be in that situation yourself? Possibly, you know that you were that public speaker and have received poor feedback and feel frightened to get back in front of an audience. For whatever reason, you are concerned that your presentation skills are not up to the level needed.

The sad fact is, the majority of public speakers have never been trained to do the job effectively and with positive impact. Typically, such speakers’ only point of consideration is the content of what they want to say. They almost never consider what has to be done, to make their audiences RECEPTIVE. Their words are not crafted with a specific purpose that will lead to a change in behaviours and action.

Strong commmunication skills can be learned and developed, usually very quickly, by grasping a few basic techniques and with some encouragement to be creative. Almost anyone can learn these presentation skills and become capable communicators who can win the hearts and minds of their audiences.

“Senscia has the ability to help you turn information into interesting stories”

Senscia has the ability to help you turn information into interesting stories that people will remember and relate to. We can coach you to tell those stories in an attractive way, perhaps dealing with specific fears you may have been keeping to yourself, and using our portable video equipment, maybe we can even transform you into a video star.

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We have developed partnerships with people who have spent a career in broadcast TV and can work with individuals and small groups, to understand and give tailored assistance, whatever your communication need. There is no reason to bore your audiences to death; let us help you develop presentation skills that add punch to your message!