Consultancy services to manage risks and to reform laws

Change is disruptive. Change creates possibilities.

“Our only meaningful option is to understand those changes”

Markets change, governments change, laws change, culture changes, prices change, climates change. Everything changes, whether we like it or not. Resisting change can leave us exposed or badly positioned.

Our only meaningful option is to understand those changes and respond as best we can, knowing that the future is not certain but can be prepared for.

This is the heart of managing risk and developing legislation: avoiding downsides and maximising opportunities – whether you are an individual, a business or a public body. Senscia can help you make sense of change, to see things more clearly.

What does Senscia do?

Senscia is a privately-owned company offering specialist consultancy services in risk management, public policy and law reform.

Richard Cross leads our risk management practice and Alison Evans leads our legislation practice.

Based in Brussels, Belgium we provide services to organisations all over the world. We apply our expertise to help our clients find ways to make sense of change.